Leaders In Safety

1 Million Hours Without
A Lost Time Incident

We equip and empower everyone on our team to operate safely and be a part of upholding our safety culture. We never stop improving on safety. Ghilotti Bros. vigilantly maintains a safe workplace so that every employee and subcontractor can return home to their families at the end of the day just as healthy as they started it. We are extremely proud that our company has achieved this legendary goal of Safety.

Our Safety Practices

We Train And Equip Our Team To Meet The Highest Safety Standards

Company-Wide Safety Training
Training starts at new hire orientation and never stops. We provide our team with all the tools and resources needed to work safely each day, including all safety certifications and ongoing learning through the Click Safety program.
Job Safety Analysis
Every day, on every project, we begin our morning huddle by identifying all potential hazards for specific on-site tasks and creating a plan to mitigate those risks.
Daily Morning and Afternoon Safety Huddles
Every shift begins and ends with a safety huddle to get critical feedback from the crews on the safety and progress of the project. This includes traffic control, pedestrian safety, on-site activities, and any new activities that may need supplies or materials to ensure safety.
Safety Committees
Employees across various disciplines meet to review safety-related reports and current policy and discuss opportunities for continuously improving our safety culture.
Weekly Job Site Safety Assessments
Our safety management team performs weekly safety audits on all jobs in coordination with the site supervisor and foreman. This ensures our jobs are safe and helps us capture any near-misses so we can better focus on leading indicators of safety.
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Employee Testimonials

Safety starts with everyone. We are all empowered to be safety leaders.
Speedy Martinez
Ghilotti Bros. Safety Culture is strong because we are all unified, like a good family, caring about each other’s wellbeing.
John Coffey
Safety Manager
Here at Ghilotti Bros., the day starts and ends with safety. Ghilotti Bros. empowers everyone to play a part in safety. If it doesn’t feel right, stop and ask.
Brian Pace
Field Superintendent